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Networked Control Panels


Standalone and Entry Level Controllers

Our standalone controllers were designed to be easy to program and provide professional performance, superior construction and quality while maintaining simplicity and high security. We specialize in anti-vandal all weather controllers that feature powerful damage protection from the elements and tampering. A&E standalone controllers are market-leading and highly trustworthy devices that are available in a variety of designs, forms and configurations.

For small applications A&E offers an affordable entry level Wiegand and standalone controllers, which can be locally configured and operated without a server, allowing single and dual door operation and expandable up to 8 doors. Standalone controllers can be locally configured and operated without requiring a server, making them a solution of choice for simple single Access Point installations.

Secured Standalone Controllers (Convertible Readers)

In addition to our main line of standalone controllers, we offer a unique line of convertible readers, which can be easily converted from a reader to a standalone secure controller by connecting a A&E smart power supply. Convertible readers/controllers were developed to provide the highest possible level of security by separating the processing module from the door opening relay. This also contributes to operational efficiency by reducing the variety of products that distributors need to stock and maintain.


Biometric Terminals


High-end BIO9000

For a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, the A&E BIO9000 series delivers peace of mind to end-users and installers – offering advanced features like liveness check and facial recognition. BIO9000 biometric terminals provide high accuracy, with low-false acceptance and low-false-rejection rates to measurably enhance site security.

The BIO9000 series can store up to 100,000 fingerprint templates, 1,000,000 event logs and up to 10,000 image logs to accommodate large-scale installations. Fully integrated with A&E’s AxTraxPro™ server software, or available with its own standalone software, the BIO9000 also supports RFID smart card and Bluetooth technologies – allowing multi-factor authentication.

Legacy Biometric Products

A&E’s Red Dot award-winning Match on Card series of biometric readers are ideal for customers who prefer to avoid storage of fingerprint data on the device – enabling powerful yet simple site security with maximum user privacy and data security. The Match on Card series stores fingerprint data on each secured sector credential – maintaining full card holder privacy. When presented to the reader, the card transmits the data needed to recognize the user’s fingerprint. Lacking the user template limitations of traditional biometric readers, Match on Card is an ideal solution for large scale applications.




EX (REX) Buttons

A&E EX (REX) buttons are a powerful line of high-quality piezoelectric and infrared no-touch switches. Designed for industrial and this outdoor series combines superior build quality, no moving parts, a long life span, professional features and mounting flexibility – making it ideal for demanding applications, from heavy machinery and mechanical operation panels, to access control systems or direct door control. In addition to their reliability, and resilience, A&E EX series buttons boast an elegant design in a modern case suitable for use by architects and designers.

All REX devices feature clear audible and visual feedback, and selected models can also indicate door status – allowing them to be integrated into high-risk areas like clean rooms and laboratories.

PX Switches

A&E’s PX series of switches are general purpose high performance 22-mm panel-mounted, piezoelectric toggle switches especially suited for long-life and rugged-use applications.

PX switches are made from aluminum alloy with type II anodization, and are available in seven different colors. The switches are anti-vandal, water and weather resistant and can be operated with fingers, gloves and via elastomeric overlays. A&E’s PX series are offered in three primary designs: no LED, dot LED and ring LED. All LEDs are bi-colored with two external control wires, enabling user feedback for applications including door exit, elevator panels and industrial equipment control. With the exception of the PX-34, PX series switches require no external power source.


Electromagnetic Locks

A&E’s surface mounted, high-quality electromagnetic locks are built from corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and are ideal for access-restricted applications like office buildings, hospitals, and airports. Enhanced by a built-in voltage spike suppressor and no residual magnetism, A&E electromagnetic locks are compatible with EN and UL standards, and feature different types of brackets and housings to suit any mounting conditions.

Wired Sensors

A&E’s compact and cost efficient motion detection devices and sensors enhance our access control products with an additional level of security and automation. All devices meet CE and ETSI standards.



A&E’s sounder series include advanced, high performance siren-and-strobe annunciators. These sounders are attractively designed, offer clear LED visual feedback and feature strong sound levels – making them ideal for residential, commercial and institutional applications.

The attractively-designed miniature-sized sounder unit is perfect for environments where both aesthetics and performance are required, including homes, stores, medical facilities, and financial or manufacturing institutions.

The state-of-the-art siren provides audible alerts for fire, alarm and tampering, at sound levels that are difficult to ignore. An ultra-bright blue strobe light helps to quickly identify the source of the alarm from a distance.

A&E’s sounders product line is supplemented by a doorbell device that emits bell, chime and alarm sounds based on events programmed into A&E standalone controllers. This device can also function as a simple doorbell for general applications, without a controller.

Mounting and Bracket Accessories

A&E offers variety of accessories for buttons and switches installation on various surfaces. All mounting plates are built of high-quality materials and provide optimal solution for long lasting use and professional installation.


Connectivity and cabling

A&E offers a range of connectivity products and devices that allow simple and easy connection to PCs – extending the reader communication and converting serial communications to TCP/IP.

Our connectivity accessories and converters are also suitable for general applications, offering a simple way of connecting legacy devices to newer technology.

Wireless receivers and Sensors

SA-38 is a sophisticated high performance wireless 8-channel receiver that has the power to seamlessly add up to 32 wireless sensors. It is the perfect solution for adding the flexibility and comfort of wireless sensors to wired intrusion and access control systems. Along with the receivers, we offer a variety of high performance wireless sensors and detectors, which are packed with pro grade features such as walk and RF transmission test functions, movement and speed spectrum analysis, wall tamper, power save and much more. That makes these sensors an ideal solution for any residential, commercial or institutional application.


Power supplies

A&E offers a variety of power supply solutions, starting from a simple models that come as a PCB assembly to be installed within enclosure or dedicated locations, as well as, smart power supplies series that are connected to A&E convertible series to allow secure door management and equipped with two relays for external device and access point operation. Our new models come with an optional high quality enclosure, universal design for global market, power cable pull lock safety, split dual power channels.